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For the Guardian: Getting Additional Court Orders

Moving the Protected Person, and Dealing with Emergencies

A guardian must provide notice and/or get court permission before moving a protected person.  The guardian can take temporary action if there is an emergency, but still has to provide the court and interested persons with notice.  If you are planning to move the protected person, or if you are a guardian who had to move the protected person because of an emergency, read this section to find out the forms you must file to provide notice or get proper permission.

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Changing Guardians

There are different options to add/remove/change guardians depending on the situation.  Read on for more information about how to ask the court to change the guardian.

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Financial Issues

The guardian generally needs court approval to spend any of the protected person's money. If the protected person's money is in a blocked account and the guardian needs to access the account to pay their expenses, read this section to find out the how to get court permission to access the protected person's money.  

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Property Issues

Selling or disposing of any of the protected person's property requires court approval first.  Read this section to find out how to get court permission to sell the protected person's property, and what to do if someone has wrongly disposed of their property without court permission.  

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