The Court does not automatically provide interpreters for non-English speaking litigants. If you need an interpreter for a hearing, it is up to you to contact the District Court Interpreter’s Office and arrange to have an interpreter appear.


Nevada’s Administrative Office of the Courts oversees the interpreter program and keeps a list of all certified interpreters in the State of Nevada. To learn more about the statewide interpreter’s program, or to see a list of current certified interpreters, please visit the AOC Interpreter site.

Can I Bring A Friend To Interpret For Me?

If you are coming to the court to file documents or to visit the Self-Help Center, you can bring someone along to interpret for you. The court does have many bilingual staff so you may not need an interpreter for a short visit to get a few questions answered.

However, if you have a court hearing, you cannot bring a friend to interpret for you. An interpreter in a court proceeding must be a registered interpreter, and cannot be anyone related to the litigant, interested in the outcome of the proceeding, or biased against one of the parties.

How Do I Get An Interpreter For A Hearing?

Call the District Court Interpreter’s Office at least 48 hours before your hearing. The phone number is (702) 455-1878.

Is There A Fee To Have An Interpreter?

Normally, yes. The fee is arranged between you and the Interpreter’s Office. However, the judge has the discretion to appoint an interpreter for you, or to waive, increase, or decrease the interpreter’s fees in exceptional cases. In a family court case, if the judge has determined that a litigant is indigent and has granted the litigant's application to waive court fees pursuant to NRS 12.015, there may be no charge for available court interpreters.