Free & Low Cost Legal Help

There are a number of local organizations where you might be able to obtain free legal assistance or low-cost legal help.

Free Legal Help

Some local organizations provide free legal help or possibly even free representation by an attorney under limited circumstances.  Most of these organizations provide assistance only in certain, specific types of disputes.  And many have requirements and limitations regarding client income, citizenship, age, and the like.  To learn about an organization's requirements and how to apply for services, visit that organization's website or call that organization directly.

American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada
Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada
Nevada Attorney for Injured Workers
Nevada Attorney General Office of Military Legal Assistance
Nevada Disability Advocacy & Law Center
Nevada Equal Rights Commission
Nevada Legal Services
Southern Nevada Senior Law Program


Additionally, Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada's Pro Bono Project coordinates private attorneys who generously volunteer to provide free legal assistance to individuals who cannot afford an attorney.  Visit the Pro Bono Programs page to learn more.

There are also free Ask-A-Lawyer programs, free legal classes, and the Civil Law Self-Help Center.  Visit the Classes & Programs section to learn more about these programs.

Low-Cost Legal Help

The State Bar of Nevada's Lawyer Referral & Information Service ("LRIS") is a resource you can use when you need an attorney but are not sure where to find one.  When appropriate, the LRIS staff will refer you to Nevada attorneys who are members of LRIS.

All of the attorneys on LRIS are private attorneys and will arrange their fees directly with you.  If you cannot afford to pay an attorney's regular fee, the LRIS staff will attempt to qualify you for a reduced-fee attorney on the Reduced Fee Panel.  Attorney members on the Reduced Fee Panel can charge no more than $25.00 for an initial 30-minute consultation, or they may waive the fee at their discretion.  After the initial consultation, participating attorneys may charge Reduced Fee Panel clients reasonable attorney's fees (including fees for support staff) up to a maximum hourly rate of $75.00.  In order to avoid confusion, the Reduced Fee attorney and client are required to reduce any fee agreement to writing.

The LRIS staff can pre-screen you over the phone for the Reduced Fee Panel.  You may earn up to 300% of the federal poverty guidelines and still be eligible.  In addition, you will be required to sign a declaration of income and assets before retaining the attorney.  If your declared income or assets are later revealed to be false or inaccurate, you will be liable retroactively for the full fees due the attorney for actual services provided.

There is no fee for LRIS. You can call LRIS at 702-382-0504, or toll-free within Nevada at 1-800-789-LRIS (5747). You can learn more at the Lawyer Referral and Information Service website.