Terminating a Guardianship

A guardianship may no longer be needed for a number of reasons.  Some of the common reasons that people ask the court to end a guardianship are:

  • Death.  When the protected person dies, the guardian must notify the court and formally close the guardianship.  A final accounting is usually required to close a guardianship over an estate.  A hearing is required to approve the final accounting and close the case.
  • Age of Majority.  This applies if the protected person was a child who has now turned 18.
  • Parents Will Care For Child.  A guardianship can be closed if the protected person is a child and the parents are now able to care for the child.  The parents must prove that they have corrected whatever issues led to the guardianship being granted, and that they are able to properly take care of the child.  Parents must generally show that they are able to provide food, shelter, and clothing, and that they will be able to take care of the child's medical and educational needs.  If the guardians are in agreement, they can sign papers voluntarily returning the child to the parents.  If not, the parents must formally petition the court to end the guardianship, and all parties attend a hearing to explain their position to the judge.
  • Moved Out of Nevada.  A case can be closed if the protected person has moved to another state (with prior court permission) and guardianship has been obtained in the new state.  Proof of the other state's case must be provided.
  • Competency.  This applies if the protected person is an adult who is now competent and capable of managing their own affairs.  

There are different ways to terminate a guardianship depending on whether the guardianship is over an adult or a child.  Click on one of the sections below to learn more and find forms to terminate a guardianship.


Terminating a Child Guardianship

The options to end a child guardianship generally depend on the age of the child and whether the guardianship is over the person only or also an estate. Visit this section to find out the different ways to have a child guardianship case closed.

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Terminating an Adult Guardianship

Anyone - a guardian, a relative, or the subject of the guardianship - can file papers asking the judge to terminate a guardianship over an adult.  A hearing will be required.  Read this section for more information about why a guardianship may be terminated and to find the forms needed to ask a judge to end the guardianship.

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