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After the Divorce: Changing or Appealing an Order

Legal Standards to Change an Order

If you want to change a court order, you need to know the legal standards that you will have to prove to the judge.   Read this section to learn about the legal standards that apply to the kind of issue you have. 

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Submit a Stipulation & Order if the Other Party Agrees

If both parties agree to make changes to the final divorce terms, this page shows you how to change your court order without needing to see a judge.

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File a Motion to Go Back to Court

Parties sometimes need to ask a judge to make changes after the divorce is finished.  This page explains the process to get your case back in front of the judge to request changes.  

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Opposing a Motion Filed Against You

arn how to prepare and file a written “opposition” to a motion that the other party filed against you. Keep in mind that if you don’t file an opposition, the other party might win automatically!

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Appealing an Order

Learn how to appeal your case if you disagree with the final decision reached by the judge after your trial.

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