Financial Issues

The guardian generally needs court approval to spend any of the protected person's money. If the protected person's money is in a blocked account and the guardian needs to access the account to pay their expenses, read this section to find out the how to get court permission to access the protected person's money.  

Request to Release Funds from Blocked Account

If the court ordered the protected person's funds to be held in a "blocked account," the guardian needs a court order to access the money.  A blocked account tells the financial institution that funds cannot be released from that account without a court order.

If you need to access a blocked account, download the packet below and follow all of the included instructions.  You will have to indicate if you need a one-time release of the money, or an ongoing monthly release to pay monthly bills. 

Remember to serve the protected person, their attorney, and their relatives with a copy of your paperwork after filing. All of the forms needed for before and after the hearing are included in the packet.    

Petition to Release Funds from Blocked Account (pdf)

If you need to access a certain amount of money every month to pay the monthly bills, make sure you have filled out a Monthly Budget form.  If you have not, download the following form and file it with the packet above.

Monthly Budget (pdf)

Monthly Budget (pdf fillable - the math will automatically calculate)


Before a judge can approve the release of any funds, the guardian must be in compliance with all of the court's orders.  This means that the guardian must have filed all necessary Annual Accountings, Reports of Guardian, and Inventories.  Check your Order Appointing Guardian to make sure you are in compliance with everything the court has ordered.