Going to Court

Case Management Conference

After the Defendant files an Answer, the judge will set a hearing for the parties to appear in court. This hearing is called the “Case Management Conference.” Read on for more information about the purpose of this hearing, when it will happen, and what to expect.

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Motions (and Oppositions) for Temporary Orders

It may take a while until your divorce case is finished and the judge enters all the final orders. If there are some issues that you would like the judge to sort out while you are waiting for the final divorce, you can find information on this page about how to get temporary orders in place, and how to respond to a motion for temporary orders filed against you.

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The Trial

If you and the other party are not able to settle your issues and reach a full agreement, the judge will have to set an “Evidentiary Hearing” or a “Trial.” If the judge sets an evidentiary hearing or a trial in your case, visit this page to learn how to prepare, documents to file, and what to expect.

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