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Child Protection ("CPS")

Child Protection ("CPS")

General CPS Information
Resolving Disputes with CPS
Resources for Relative Caregivers

Reporting Child Abuse:

To report suspected child abuse or neglect in Clark County, Nevada, you can call the Child Abuse Hotline at (702) 399-0081.  You can also visit the Family Services website to find an online reporting form.  

CPS In General

Child Protective Services (“CPS”) is the part of Department of Family Services (“DFS”) that investigates reports of child abuse and child neglect. Anyone can contact CPS with concerns about a child’s welfare. If a report shows that a child might be in danger, CPS must investigate the child’s safety. After investigating, CPS can do one of three things:

  1. Close a report as unsubstantiated if no abuse or neglect is found. 
  2. Leave the child in the home but offer supportive services to the family as needed. 
  3. Remove the child from the home if the child is in danger. 

Parents and relatives who have been contacted by CPS understandably have many questions, such as:

  • Does the parent need an attorney?
  • When do the parents have to go to court?
  • Can the children live with relatives if they can't live with the parents?
  • What can the relatives do to have the children placed with them?
  • How do the parents get the children back?
  • Where can we go for help?

The following documents provide answers to these questions and more.  The first provides information for parents going through an investigation or court case, and the second provides information for family members wondering how they can help.

CPS Information for Parents

CPS Information for Relatives


Resolving Disputes with CPS 

The Ombudsman for Clark County Family Services and Social Services reviews and resolves complaints related to the department of family services.  The Ombudsman can also explain department policies, procedures, and regulations.  For more information about the services the Ombudsman can provide, please visit their website or download the flyer below:

Ombudsman for Department of Family Services


Resources for Relative Caregivers

Relatives who are caring for children may be eligible for different kinds of financial and support services.  Please see the attached flyer for resources and contact information.

Resources for Relative Caregivers