Collecting Child Support

You can open a case with the District Attorney Family Support Division for help collecting child support. Read on to learn about their services and how to apply.

District Attorney Family Support (“DAFS”) Child Support Enforcement

Getting a child support order does not guarantee that the other parent will voluntarily pay child support. Parents who are having trouble collecting their child support order can ask DAFS for help.

DAFS can help in many ways:

  • They can locate missing parents and find out where they work.
  • They can collect child support through a wage withholding from the parent’s employer.
  • They can take IRS tax refunds to pay child support arrears.
  • They can suspend driver’s licenses and professional licenses when a parent owes a certain amount of child support arrears.
  • They can ask the court to impose jail time.

Either parent can apply for services through DAFS. There is no fee to apply.

For more information about the services DAFS provides, visit the District Attorney Family Support Division or you can reach their office by calling (702) 671-9200.


DAFS hosts a regular Ask-A-Lawyer session where parents can talk to a District Attorney about child support issues. The session is for anyone seeking, collecting, or paying child support. To learn about the class and how to sign up, please visit District Attorney Family Support.