Remote Hearings:

Most hearings are taking place by phone/video only.  The judge's staff will usually contact you a few days before the hearing to arrange for a phone or video hearing, but you can also file one of the following forms to make a formal request.

Telephone Appearance Request (pdf fillable)

Video Appearance Request (pdf fillable) 

Most hearings are available for you to join online on - the following guide provides login instructions to join a video hearing: 

Video Hearing BlueJeans Login Information

Learn more about video and phone appearances on the court's informational page. (the link only works in internet explorer) 


E-Filing Assistance: 

For help efiling, visit

E-Filing Guide   Guía de Presentación Electrónica

There are other ways to file listed on the How to File page. 


For information relating to your legal rights during COVID-19, including access to a Legal & Financial Toolkit and details about Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada's services, visit