References Resources & Links

Annulment References, Resources & Links

Listed below are links to laws and other resources that relate to annulment and may be helpful to your case:

  • Nevada Revised Statutes 125.290 through 125.440. These are the Nevada statutes about annulment.
  • Nevada Revised Statutes 125C.001 through 125C.0075. These are the Nevada statutes about child custody.
  • Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 125B. These are the Nevada statutes about establishing and changing child support.
  • Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure. These are the Nevada court rules that apply to all district courts in Nevada.
  • Eighth Judicial District Court Rules. The rules in Part 5 apply to all family cases in Clark County. 
  • Free Classes.  Free classes are offered as a community service by Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada and the William S. Boyd School of Law, and Nevada Legal Services.  Although there is no annulment class, the divorce class covers the same general issues.  Classes are offered in English and in Spanish. 
  • Videos.  The judges of family court have created many helpful videos to explain the family court process and important things you need to know when representing yourself. There are also links to videos about general family law topics created by Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada.