Moving In or Out of Nevada

Moving a protected person across state lines (or conducting business on behalf of the protected person in another state) requires court permission.  If you are planning to move out of Nevada with the protected person, or if you are a guardian who recently moved to Nevada with the protected person from another state, read this section to find out the forms you must file to have the case properly transferred.  You will also find forms needed if you are the guardian elsewhere and need to register your guardianship papers in Nevada so you can conduct brief, temporary business in Nevada on behalf of the protected persond.


Moving Out of Nevada

Before moving, the guardian must file paperwork with the court asking for permission to move the protected person outside of Nevada.  The paperwork should explain where the guardian plans to move and why.  All of the same relatives who were served with the original guardianship paperwork must be served with the guardian's request to relocate with the protected person. 

The guardian will have to appear at a hearing and explain the reasons for the move to the judge.  Anyone opposed to the move may also attend the hearing and explain why.

If the judge approves the request to move, the guardian will have to file for guardianship in the new state after moving.  This is usually called "Registering a Guardianship Order" (check with the new state's court to see if there are forms and instructions to help you with this).  After filing the case in the new state, the guardian must submit proof to the Nevada court that the guardianship case was successfully filed.

To request permission to move out of Nevada with the protected person and get a hearing date, please download the packet below and follow all of the included instructions.  Remember to serve the protected person, their attorney, and the relatives with a copy of your paperwork after filing.  All of the forms needed for before and after the hearing are included in the packet.

Petition for Permission to Relocate (pdf)


Moving Into Nevada

If you were appointed the guardian (or conservator) in another state and obtained that court's permission to move with the protected person to Nevada, the other court probably required you to file your guardianship papers in Nevada.  This is called "transferring" the guardianship to Nevada so that all future issues can be handled by a Nevada court.

To transfer your guardianship to Nevada, you will need to file some papers in Nevada and set a hearing so the Nevada judge can make sure you are qualified under Nevada laws to serve as the guardian.   You will need to provide a certified copy of the order from the other court that says you have permission to move to Nevada with the protected person. 

All of the same relatives who were served with the original guardianship paperwork must be served with the guardian's request to transfer the case to Nevada.  The guardian will have to appear at a hearing, and if the guardian is qualified, the judge will sign a "provisional" order to accept the case.  The guardian will then have to formally terminate the case in the original state so Nevada can fully transfer the case.

The instructions and forms needed to transfer another state's guardianship matter are in the packet below.  Be sure to file all of the documents (with the required attachments) and follow all of the instructions to have your case properly transferred to Nevada.

Petition to Transfer Guardianship to Nevada (pdf)



The original court may have told you to "register" your guardianship in Nevada so that you can take care of business in Nevada (such as, sell property, initiate or respond to a lawsuit, etc.).  If so, you can register your guardianship in Nevada by completing the Registration of Foreign Guardianship Order (pdf) packet and following all included instructions.  You must file a certified copy of your order appointing you the guardian and a certified copy of your letters of guardianship with the papers. 

Once you file the registration documents, you must file additional papers to set a hearing and explain to the Nevada judge why you registered your case in Nevada and what you intend to do as the guardian here.  You may need to file a "Petition for Authority to Sell Real Property" or a "Generic Petition" if none of the Self-Help Forms address your situation.  You can find a list of the different packets available to set a hearing on the Guardianship Forms page.