Seminar for Separating Parents ("COPE" Class)

When parents separate, children often have a hard time adjusting. To help lessen the impact on the children, the Court requires separating parents to attend a seminar where they will learn:

  • How to focus on the needs of the children
  • How to lower the stress of the children
  • How to co-parent and work together for the benefit of the children

The parents do not have to go to the class together, but both parents do have to take the class at some point before the court case is finished. Usually, the judge will not sign a final order until both parents have taken the class.

Classes are offered in English and Spanish. Parents can attend a 3 hour class in person, or can sign up for an online class that takes about 3-5 hours to finish. The class costs around $40/person. At the end of the class, parents will get a Certificate of Completion that must be filed with the Court.

There are five Court approved class providers, listed below. Contact them to find out class schedules and to sign up.

Family Solutions, Inc.: (702) 395-8417

Discovery Mind & Wellness: (702) 968-9372

Kayenta Therapy Center: (702) 438-7800

Children In Between (online class): (877) 874-1365

Nevada Parenting Program (online class): (866) 504-2883



There are other providers who claim to be “court approved.” Be aware that the only Court approved providers are those listed above. The Court does not accept certificates of completion from any other provider.

The court may waive the class requirement for good cause. The following form may be used to ask the court to waive the  class requirement.

Request for Waiver of COPE Class (pdf)